Beauty, Hair and Health in Greensboro

Your health, comfort and wellness should be a priority for humans. However, in the fast-paced lifestyle that most of us live nowadays we seem to find less and less time for the important things in life. This is why you should most certainly look to spend some time relaxing and finding that inner balance and peace at one of the spa facilities in Greensboro to enhance your vacation!

Avanti Salon & Spa Lakeside

Avanti Salon and Spa Lakeside in Greensboro

Avanti Salon & Spa Lakeside provide a comfortable and relaxing environment for every guest who walks through their door. The company employ only skilled staff and use the latest technologies and products.
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Balance Day Spa

Balance Day Spa in Greensboro

Balance Day Spa is the Triad’s largest premiere day spa providing premium spa services. The company has three convenient Triad locations and one is in Greensboro. They offer a soothing, relaxing, and therapeutic environment, which is essential to your well-being.
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Chakras Spa

Chakras Spa in Greensboro

Chakras Spa is one of the best hair salons and spas in Greensboro, NC. Their services include haircuts, massages, laser hair removal and more.
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